We get things done!

You might call it stubbornness, but we like to see the plans we help to draw up become reality. We get our kicks from seeing the tools we teach put to use and become a vital part of your organisation. That's the way we look at leadership. Not until you have the tools in your hands in the workaday world can you see if they work.

Different people and businesses need different things. That's where the X in GrowtheX comes in – it represents the unknown quality we need to find in you or your organisation.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple analysis, and there's no point in complicating matters unnecessarily. But if you'll achieve a better outcome through a combination of education, training, coaching or team shadowing for one day, we'll draw up a plan accordingly.

GrowtheX works with:

  • Leadership and organisational development, including individual and group development.
  • Sales & Marketing Development & Interim.
  • Second opinions in recruitment including tests, personality assessments and in-depth interviews.
  • HR consultation.

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Niklas Eriksson
Johanna Eriksson

Niklas Eriksson

Niklas has extensive commercial experience from senior positions in sales, marketing and project management and has served in a number of management groups, mainly in the pharmaceutical industry. Niklas has been a consultant since 2014, primarily in leadership, change management and individual & group development.

Niklas has worked with leadership and organisational development at different levels in various networks, both domestically and internationally. Niklas is an Associate Consultant with Blanchard Ltd and a trainer in situation-adapted leadership (SLII Experience™).

Niklas is certified in the use of several different personality tools for individual and team development:

  • Transformational leadership – Lead Forward®
  • Group development and team effectiveness – Team Pro®
  • Personality Analysis – SHL tests OPQ32r, MQ and 360 analysis
  • DISC

Niklas is an accredited business coach and holds a BA in Caring Science. He is also a qualified nurse.

Johanna Eriksson

Johanna has extensive experience in HR and has worked for more than 20 years in different parts of the HR field, of which around 10 years as HR director/head of HR. Johanna has experience from both private companies and public sector organisations. 
Johanna has sound experience in recruitment & assessments, team development, labour law, psychosocial work environments, negotiating and Comp & Ben. Johanna is certified in the use of several different personality tools for individual and team development and for Second Opinion & Assessments:

  •  Personality Analysis – SHL tests OPQ32r, MQ and 360 analysis
  •  MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)