To lead by situation - SLII®

GrowtheX trains leaders and organisations in situation-adapted leadership through SLII-Experience™. We have chosen to work with this model to develop new leaders and provide them with a robust tool to work with. The model also forms an important part of the New Manager course. The SLII-Experience™ provides a model that is:

  • The most widely used leadership model in the world
  • Used to train more than 5 million leaders in different organisations
  • Validated through decades of research in leadership and behaviour
  • Universal impact at every level in an organisation
  • Direct results on leadership in the organisation.

Our courses offer high interactivity and committed lecturers. Our courses are based on:

  1. Emotional videos that create connections to the workaday world
  2. Flexible training design and delivery
  3. Training with accurate, real world cases
  4. Online tool for long-term SLII competence

The SLII Experience™ Offerings

Live In-Person

  • The SLII Experience™ 2-day workshop
  • The SLII Experience™ 1-day workshop
  • The SLII Experience™ Self-Study blends

Live Virtual

  • The SLII Experience™ 5, 2 hour sessions
  • The SLII Experience™ Self-Study blends

On-Demand eLearning

  • SLII Express™ (3 hours, with optional debriefs)

On-Demand Tools

  • SLII App
  • SLII Clicks—coming soon 10-15 videos, tools, and micro activities (1-5 min. each)